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Sun In California (Feat. Mohombi & Playb4ck)  Artist:Pitbull
Sun In California  Artist:Pitbull
California Sun  Artist:Tommy James And The Shondells
California Sun  Artist:Rancid
California Sun  Artist:Outfield
California Sun  Artist:Jem
California & The Slipping Of The Sun  Artist:Gorillaz
California Sun  Artist:Gin Blossoms
California Sun  Artist:The Dictators
Rising Sun ~ヒカリ~ / Rising Sun ~Hikari~ (Rising Sun ~빛~)  Artist:Sweets
California Saga: California  Artist:Beach Boys
California Revisited (Everyone I Meet Is From California)  Artist:America
California Sun  Artist:Ramones
California Sun  Artist:The Ramones
Rising Sun (순수)  Artist:동방신기 東方神起 TVXQ
Sun Flower~ Happy Birthday~  Artist:신화
Rising Sun  Artist:동방신기
Rising Sun (순수)  Artist:동방신기
Sun rise train  Artist:건방진 천사
Rising sun  Artist:동방신기 (東方神起)
sun of beach  Artist:레이지본
my sun  Artist:윤건
Holidays In The Sun  Artist:노브레인
Hotel California  Artist:룰라
외설  Artist:레이니 썬(rainy sun)
유감  Artist:레이니 썬(rainy sun)
NICE  Artist:레이니 썬(rainy sun)
Let the sun shine  Artist:김명식
●Rising Sun  Artist:동방신기
그래서  Artist:레이니 썬(rainy sun)

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