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The Rose (ȭ 'The Rose'԰)  Artist:Bette Midler
Be My Baby  Artist:Bette Midler
Your love keeps liftin me higher  Artist:Bette Midler
You Don't Own Me (First Wives' Club)  Artist:Bette Midler
Winter Wonderland  Artist:Bette Midler
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?  Artist:Bette Midler
Uptown/Don't say nothing bad about my baby/ - Doo run run  Artist:Bette Midler
The Folks Who Live On The Hill  Artist:Bette Midler
Soph (spoken word)  Artist:Bette Midler
Something Your Heart Has Been Telling Me  Artist:Bette Midler
Sisters (Duet With Linda Ronstadt)  Artist:Bette Midler
Otto Tittsling  Artist:Bette Midler
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  Artist:Bette Midler
Mr. Wonderful  Artist:Bette Midler
Merry Christmas  Artist:Bette Midler
Mele Kalikimaka  Artist:Bette Midler
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!  Artist:Bette Midler
Is That All There Is?  Artist:Bette Midler
I remember you/ Dixie's dream  Artist:Bette Midler
I Love Being Here With You  Artist:Bette Midler
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm  Artist:Bette Midler
I'm A Woman  Artist:Bette Midler
I'll Be Home For Christmas  Artist:Bette Midler
Higher & Higher ( Your Love Keeps Lifting Me )  Artist:Bette Midler
He Needs Me  Artist:Bette Midler
He's A Tramp  Artist:Bette Midler
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  Artist:Bette Midler
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe  Artist:Bette Midler
Friends - Oh My MY!  Artist:Bette Midler
Fever  Artist:Bette Midler
Cool Yule  Artist:Bette Midler
Breaking up somebody's home  Artist:Bette Midler
Big Spender  Artist:Bette Midler
Baby it's cold outside  Artist:Bette Midler
Alright, Okay, You Win  Artist:Bette Midler
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  Artist:Bette Midler
Rose  Artist:Bette Midler
God Help The Outcast  Artist:Bette Midler
The Girl is one to you  Artist:Bette Midler
Summer ( The First Time )  Artist:Bette Midler
Sold my soul to Rock and Roll  Artist:Bette Midler
Shiver Me Timbers/Samedi Et Vendredi  Artist:Bette Midler
Mr Goldstone  Artist:Bette Midler
Milworker  Artist:Bette Midler
He was too good to me/Since you stayed here  Artist:Bette Midler
Hang on in there Baby  Artist:Bette Midler
Gift of Love  Artist:Bette Midler
Friends -alternate  Artist:Bette Midler
Friends  Artist:Bette Midler
Fried Eggs(spoken word)/Hello in there  Artist:Bette Midler

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