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Yo!! Sweetness  Artist:MC Hammer
What Happened To Our Hood  Artist:MC Hammer
This Is What We Do  Artist:MC Hammer
This Is The Way We Roll  Artist:MC Hammer
Somethin' 'Bout The Goldie In Me  Artist:MC Hammer
Sleepin' On A Master Plan (featuring Tha Dogg Pound)  Artist:MC Hammer
Sleepin' On A Master Plan  Artist:MC Hammer
Pumps And A Bump  Artist:MC Hammer
One Mo' Time  Artist:MC Hammer
On Your Face  Artist:MC Hammer
Lookin' Out The Window  Artist:MC Hammer
It's All Good  Artist:MC Hammer
Intro: Turn This Mutha Out  Artist:MC Hammer
Help The Children  Artist:MC Hammer
Help Lord (Won't You Come)  Artist:MC Hammer
He Keeps Doing Great Things For Me  Artist:MC Hammer
Have You Seen Her?  Artist:MC Hammer
Hammer Music  Artist:MC Hammer
Goin' Up Yonder  Artist:MC Hammer
Gaining Momentum  Artist:MC Hammer
Do Not Pass Me By  Artist:MC Hammer
Dancin' Machine  Artist:MC Hammer
Crime Story  Artist:MC Hammer
Can't Touch This  Artist:MC Hammer
Break 'Em Off Somethin' Proper  Artist:MC Hammer
Better Run Run  Artist:MC Hammer
Addam's Groove  Artist:MC Hammer
Let's Get It Started  Artist:MC Hammer
Here Comes The Hammer  Artist:MC Hammer
Addams Groove  Artist:MC Hammer
Pray  Artist:MC Hammer
Too Legit to Quit  Artist:MC Hammer
Have You Seen Her  Artist:MC Hammer
U Can't Touch This  Artist:MC Hammer
U Can`t Touch This  Artist:MC Hammer

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