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Title: I`ll Be Your Everything
Artist: Tommy Page

I`ll Be Your Everything

So long that I´ve waited for a girl to come into my life and in my world.
I can´t explain my feelings for you I guess you´re just all my dreams come true

**and I will be your lover (your lover)
and I ´ll be your best friend(oh I´ll be your friend)
I´ll be there when you´re needing me (when you´re needing me)
I´ll be your everything your everything

I´ll be your everything I´ll be all that you want all that you need

*** I´ll be your everything I´ll give you all that I have my love my life and me
I´ll be your everything

Now that we´re together at last
we should´nt think about our problems in the past Cause true love takes a miracle to find I guess that I´ve been blessed cause I got you by my side


when you´re lost down and you´re seeing darkness and there is no one there that can be found
Just turn around I´ll be there holding my arms for you
Just reach for me
I´ll be the one want you set you freely

I`ll Be Your Everything
Tommy Page

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