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Title: romeo
Artist: dino

I can't believe the way
I fell in love with you girl
you caught me by surprise
a dream come true
It was you I didn't even know your name
now you've got me thinking about
every single day girl
I can't get you off my mind
cupid shot his arrow in my heart
and I'm not the same no no
just like a fairytale I would sail
oceans blue to get to you valentine
please be mine I want you girl

I'll be your romeo I love you so
I can't let go
of these feelings in my heart

I like the way
you give me your affection every night girl
you really turn me on it makes my day
when you say
you're never gonna let me go oh no
now everything around me
just reminds me more of you girl
I miss you when you're gone
cupid shot his arrow in my heart
and there's something you should know
just like the movie screen
a love scene of me and you
the things we do cassanova move over
I want you girl

I would climb a mountain baby
anything for you
I would swim across the ocean
just to get to you


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