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(I'm My) Best Friend  Artist:Cheap Trick
Y.O.Y.O.Y.  Artist:Cheap Trick
Y.O.Y.O.Y  Artist:Cheap Trick
Younger Girls  Artist:Cheap Trick
You Talk Too Much  Artist:Cheap Trick
You Say Jump  Artist:Cheap Trick
You Let A Lotta People Down  Artist:Cheap Trick
You Drive, I'll Steer  Artist:Cheap Trick
You're All Talk (Live)  Artist:Cheap Trick
You're All Talk  Artist:Cheap Trick
You're All I Wanna Do  Artist:Cheap Trick
Yeah Yeah  Artist:Cheap Trick
Wrong Side Of Love  Artist:Cheap Trick
Wrong All Along  Artist:Cheap Trick
Writing On The Wall  Artist:Cheap Trick
Words  Artist:Cheap Trick
Won't Take No For An Answer  Artist:Cheap Trick
Wild Wild Women  Artist:Cheap Trick
Who D'King  Artist:Cheap Trick
Who D' King  Artist:Cheap Trick
Wherever Would I Be  Artist:Cheap Trick
When You Need Someone  Artist:Cheap Trick
When The Lights Are Out  Artist:Cheap Trick
Welcome To The World  Artist:Cheap Trick
Violins  Artist:Cheap Trick
Up the Creek  Artist:Cheap Trick
Too Much  Artist:Cheap Trick
Times Of Our Lives  Artist:Cheap Trick
Time Is Runnin'  Artist:Cheap Trick
This Time We Got It  Artist:Cheap Trick
These Days  Artist:Cheap Trick
The House Is Rocking (With Domestic Problems)  Artist:Cheap Trick
The House is Rockin'(With Domestic Problems)  Artist:Cheap Trick
The House is Rockin'  Artist:Cheap Trick
The Doctor  Artist:Cheap Trick
The Ballad Of T.V. Violence(I'm Not The Only Boy)  Artist:Cheap Trick
The Ballad Of TV Violence  Artist:Cheap Trick
Tell Me Everything  Artist:Cheap Trick
Taxman, Mr. Thief  Artist:Cheap Trick
Take Me To The Top  Artist:Cheap Trick
Take Me I'm Yours  Artist:Cheap Trick
Surrender (Outtake)  Artist:Cheap Trick
Stiff Competition  Artist:Cheap Trick
Standing On The Edge  Artist:Cheap Trick
Special One  Artist:Cheap Trick
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace  Artist:Cheap Trick
Space  Artist:Cheap Trick
Sorry Boy  Artist:Cheap Trick
So Good To See You  Artist:Cheap Trick
Smile  Artist:Cheap Trick

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