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Rush  Artist:Troye Sivan
Angel Baby  Artist:Troye Sivan
IN A DREAM  Artist:Troye Sivan
Rager teenager!  Artist:Troye Sivan
Easy  Artist:Troye Sivan
Strawberries & Cigarettes  Artist:Troye Sivan
Take Yourself Home  Artist:Troye Sivan
Lucky Strike  Artist:Troye Sivan
Dance To This (Feat. Ariana Grande)  Artist:Troye Sivan
Bloom  Artist:Troye Sivan
The Good Side  Artist:Troye Sivan
My My My!  Artist:Troye Sivan
for him.  Artist:Troye Sivan
FOOLS  Artist:Troye Sivan
Youth  Artist:Troye Sivan
Talk Me Down  Artist:Troye Sivan
FUN  Artist:Troye Sivan
Gasoline  Artist:Troye Sivan
The Fault In Our Stars (MMXIV)  Artist:Troye Sivan
Make You Love Me  Artist:Troye Sivan
My Babe  Artist:Troye Sivan
Touch  Artist:Troye Sivan
Happy Little Pill  Artist:Troye Sivan
The 2013 Song  Artist:Troye Sivan

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