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How Can Poor Men Stand Such Times And Live  Artist:UB40
Blue Bilet Doux  Artist:UB40
On The Other Hand  Artist:UB40
If You Ever Have Forever In Mind  Artist:UB40
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain  Artist:UB40
How Will I Get Through This One  Artist:UB40
I Did What I Did  Artist:UB40
Crying Time  Artist:UB40
Midnight Rider  Artist:UB40
Who You Fighting For?  Artist:UB40
Way you do the things yo do  Artist:UB40
Verison Girl  Artist:UB40
V's Version  Artist:UB40
This Is How It Is  Artist:UB40
The Tracks Of My Tears  Artist:UB40
The Road  Artist:UB40
That Look In Your Eye  Artist:UB40
Stand Out  Artist:UB40
Somethin` Stupid  Artist:UB40
Slow Down  Artist:UB40
Reckless  Artist:UB40
Rainbow Nation  Artist:UB40
Please Don`t Make Me Cry  Artist:UB40
Only Fools Rush In  Artist:UB40
Once Around  Artist:UB40
Oh America  Artist:UB40
Music So Nice  Artist:UB40
Mr Fix It  Artist:UB40
Many Rivers  Artist:UB40
Man Next Door  Artist:UB40
Lost & Found  Artist:UB40
Lost And Found  Artist:UB40
Lamb's Bread  Artist:UB40
Kiss An Say Goodbye  Artist:UB40
King Step  Artist:UB40
Just be good (Bushman club)  Artist:UB40
It`s A Long Long Way  Artist:UB40
It's True  Artist:UB40
Instant Radical Change Of Perception  Artist:UB40
I won't close my eyes (remix)  Artist:UB40
I Think It`s Going To Rain Today  Artist:UB40
I Shot The Sheriff  Artist:UB40
I've Got Mine  Artist:UB40
I'm Not Fooled  Artist:UB40
I'll Be There  Artist:UB40
i'll be on my way  Artist:UB40
Hit It  Artist:UB40
Here We Go Again  Artist:UB40
Happiness  Artist:UB40
End Of War  Artist:UB40

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